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HUF Summer 2014 “Blossom” Pack: SHOP


HUF Summer 2014 “Blossom” Pack: SHOP

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a VERY important chart, this is.

thanks yoda

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reasons to date me

  • no pressure to wear pants in my presence
  • or any clothes at all really
  • but it’s up to you
  • u can be big spoon or little spoon
  • totally your choice
  • i’m always ready to make out
  • aLwaYs
  • also u don’t even have to buy me things just maybe an ice cream cone every once in a while that’s it 
  • i’ll let you lick it though
  • i mean the ice cream cone
  • well not just the ice cream cone

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Going on a music downloading spree

It’s about time I got some of the music I grew up on on my playlist. And whatever’s on my mind. 

Message me with song options?

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